VAR Healthcare is a digital tool for decision support widely used in
the Norwegian and Danish health sectors and its outlook is promising.

With a digital transformation on the rise in the health sector and the NHS, the question arises if this process also offers a tailored tool to relieve healthcare workers of extra workload burdens and support nurses to practice their daily tasks with updated knowledge and a greater sense of pride?
The answer is: YES
VAR Healthcare boasts 20 years of experience With more than 20 years of experience,
VAR Healthcare is now looking at promising projects in the UK market. VAR Healthcare has been used and
validated for 20+ years in Nordic hospitals, universities, long-term care, and home care. The Norwegian health sector underwent a digital transformation initiated by the government starting in the year 2000
and consequently the health institutions have successfully adapted to digital processes and pathways. VAR,
as one of these digital tools, supports:

• professional nursing
• improved collaboration
• continuity in patient care
• ultimately better patient outcomes

It is seen as the gold standard for digital evidence-based nursing in Scandinavia. A recent published paper by health policy think tank The King’s Fund highlights that a high proportion of nurses under the age of 45 have left their job in the NHS with a high percentage also considering leaving the nursing profession.


How can VAR Healthcare support your digital transformation and avoid high employee burnout?

With VAR Healthcare, frontline staff can easily comply with best practice as well as make quick and qualified decisions which secures consistent, high-quality patient treatment. 


What are the benefits?

  • A consistent and current knowledge tool – evidenced-based practice at your fingertips
  • Potentially significant reduction of errors
  • Improved nurse satisfaction
  • Efficient education of students and new employeesSupporting continuity of care - helping improve patient flow
  • Lifelong learning and continued professional development
  • Easy integrations with EPR/EMR/HER
  • ICNP and SNOMED CT compliance
  • Accessible on multiple forms of digital devices, 24/7

Not only do healthcare employers benefit from current, up-to-date knowledge, but also patient safety is
secured, and patient outcomes are improved.


Patient safety is of utmost importance

Due to VAR, patients can receive continuity and quality in healthcare services regardless of their location.
Comprehensive patient care and patient safety is a major focus, and by accessing pedagogic descriptions of procedures with educational illustrations and animations, it provides security for healthworker's in planning hectic daily activities.VAR is used not only in nursing but also within education, the care sector and the specialist health service throughout Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The goal is to increase global competence in nursing to ensure the best possible patient treatment.


VAR Healthcare offers the UK adapted content

1. Easy digital access to 450 up-to-date and evidence-based procedures
2. Always on top of the latest research and developments
3. Knowledge summaries for all evidence-based procedures
4. Fun and pedagogic knowledge tests
5. Medication calculators

Once institutions and health workers are presented with VAR, they are intrigued as it is designed for advanced
integrations with electronic healthcare records, quality management systems, and learning platforms.
In short, VAR Healthcare is a digital decision support system for front line staff.

With our professional content, we support:

  • Best clinical practice
  • Effective documentation
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Lifelong learning

Continually updated content using innovative technology, we keep you ahead with the digital transformation. Always focusing on patient safety.