VAR provides access to evidence-based and up-to-date professional procedures. Businesses with access to VAR have the prerequisite to work professionally responsibly. The content of VAR is updated according to the latest available knowledge and research, which provides a basis for improving the quality of the service, as required by the Norwegian health authorities.

Therefore, VAR is an important partner in patient safety work within the health service.


Norwegian VAR complies with Norwegian legal requirements and guidelines. We monitor changes and update the content of the database continuously and help ensure that companies that use VAR comply with Section 6c of the regulations.

Section 6c requires the agency to "have an overview of relevant regulations, policies and guidelines, putting forward a plan as to how this is to be made known in the enterprise"

VAR has a number of procedures with associated knowledge that are relevant to ensure competence and professionally sound practice in a number of areas of high priority in the Patient safety program.

In addition, all content in VAR, both procedures, knowledge material, knowledge tests and not least the module My skills (LINK) can be used for continuous competence development and training of employees.


Patient safety is a strategic focus area for the World Health Organization.

The reason for this is that patients' treatment is becoming more complex and errors can arise. Every year, World Patient Safety Day occurs to put the spotlight on reducing patient injury. Therefore, access to evidence-based, up-to-date professional procedures for healthcare workers is vital and more importantly it can be a preventive measure to reduce the number of errors that could lead to patient harm.

Here you can read more about patient safety:


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