VAR Healthcare is a digital
clinical decision tool
for the entire health service.

We support
evidence-based practice.

How VAR supports you in clinical practice

VAR is based on research and best knowledge. The portal is easy to access and user-friendly. All content has a hands-on approach.

Our solution contains close to 500 procedures, a knowledge component and related knowledge tests, with continuous new content being added.

The content is adapted in order to allow the user to make quick and effective decisions for the best possible patient treatment and increased patient safety.

VAR supports competence development with digital knowledge tests and course modules.

The way we do it is unique. That is the basis of our slogan:






New solutions often entail a focus on change, professionalism and quality management. We at VAR have extensive experience in supporting managers and businesses in getting the greatest possible benefits from implementing our digital solutions for the health service.

The manager has a key role in helping with the succession of evidence-based practice and effective implementation of evidence-based support systems such as VAR.

It is crucial that VAR is implemented in practice in a meaningful way, both to ensure correct use of the procedures and the knowledge material, but also to ensure the flow of information and exploit the opportunities inherent in VAR which are in the best interests of the patient.

VAR's implementation package provides knowledge-based approaches and tips to our clients so that they get the full effect of their investment in VAR. We offer a wide range of courses and implementation pathways.

Version update


Several topics in VAR have had thorough consultant reviews. This has led to major and minor changes. We would particularly like to point out changes in the procedures that deal with: 

  • fall prevention in the elderly
  • displacement
  • chronic wounds and
  • count of equipment for surgical procedures.

The contents have become even more clear and easy to use, and recent knowledge has led to important changes. We would recommend taking a second look at this content and using it actively in the organisations' work to improve patient safety and knowledge-based practice.

Support evidence-based practice!

Are you ready for VAR?

Dr. Ann Kristin Rotegård is our Managing Director. Her background is from Pediatric nursing, where she worked as head nurse, research- and development nurse and nurse coordinator, in addition to being a nurse on the floor.

She has a candidacy in nursing science-didactics, and her doctoral thesis in nursing science is on Health Assets.

Her expertise is in the field of nursing documentation, nursing informatics, decision support tools and evidence-based practice.

She is happy to give you a short demo on VAR or have a chat about the nursing profession.